Workout 7-01-13

And so, on to the workouts! I generally follow programs by my coach, Martin, which are written not just for me but also for all the other competitive powerlifters who train at Bethnal Green. I’m the only woman currently training in this way at my gym, which is both a bit disconcerting sometimes, but also very cool!

[The aim/goals of the workout]

Squats: 5 reps x 2 @ 70%; 3 reps x 3 @ 80%

Rack deadlifts: 6 – 10 singles @ 70%, tight & fast

[Actual lifts]

Squats: 20kg 5 reps x 2; 40kg 5 reps; 50kg 3 reps; 60kg 5 reps x 2; 67.5kg 3 reps; 60kg 3 reps. 

These were very hard, and my form was poor. Over 60kg my squats turned into “squat mornings” (i.e. leaning forward too far) and I felt very unsafe. I was extremely disappointed not to complete the sets, but Martin gave me a quick pep talk after, which helped. I do try to keep a positive attitude, but sometimes it’s hard when you let yourself down!

Rack deadlifts (pins just below knees): 60kg 4 reps; 80kg for 8 singles. 

Seated machine rows: 15kg (each hand) 5 sets of 7 reps.

Seated good mornings: 15 reps x 2 with a 20kg bar.

Glute & ham raises: 2 sets of 15.

Pullthroughs (with band): 2 sets of 15.

Seated leg curl (with band): 2 sets of 15.

Landmines: 20kg bar, 3 sets of 5.

Cable crunch: 2 sets of 10 @ 20kg; 1 set of 10 @ 25kg.