My hamstrings have been super tight today & yesterday, after Saturday’s stiff-legged deadlifts. I have a feeling they’re going to hurt even more after tonight. 

Bike: 5mins (trying to warm up after a long cold walk to the gym!)

Lightened deadlifts (blue bands, lighter off the floor but no assistance at the top of the lift): 70kg 5 x 2; 90kg x 4; 110kg x 2; 120kg x 1; 130kg x 1 x 2 (plus one more with assistance from spotters at the top)

Front box squat: 20kg x 5; 30kg 5 x 3

Good mornings: 25kg x 7; 35kg 7 x 3;

Glute & ham raises with 5kg plate: 10 x 3

Band curls (blue band): 10 x 3

Cable crunch: 25kg 10 x 3