I haven’t been sleeping so well lately, down to my own insomnia & next door’s kids who scream incessantly from 6am. So I wasn’t looking forward to this session much. Still, nothing to be done (I have set gym days) except get on with it & hope I sleep better next time. 

Box squat (parallel) with red bands: 20kg, 5 reps x 3; 30kg, 3 reps; 35kg, 3 reps; 40kg, 3 reps; 50kg, 3 reps;  55kg, 3 reps; 60kg, 1 rep; 65kg, 1 rep; 50kg, 3 reps

I also attempted 70kg twice but was unable to get out of the hole.

Deadlift with black bands: 60kg, 2 reps; 65kg, 6 singles

Concentrating on fast, explosive movement

Seated good mornings: 40kg, 12 reps x 3

Machine rows: 15kg each hand, 12 reps x 3

Glute & ham raises: 10 x 3

Wide-leg situps: 5kg plate, 10 x 2

Cable crunch: 25kg, 10 x 3