Can I just say that I absolutely loathe anything/anyone which refers to training women as “training females”.

We’re women. 

Yes, but biological we are female.

I see this argument over and over again. Am I the only one who really doesn’t see what the problem is here?

You’re not the only one. Personally, I find it very grating. I think this sums it up for me:

Yes, biologically we’re females, but saying “the females went into the other room to watch a movie” is dehumanising, IMHO (and MO is H!). 

In all honesty it’s a turn-off for me and an article about training for women will immediately put me off if it refers to me as a “female”. (Similarly, I will be put off if there’s too much emphasis on stereotypical goals etc). 

Also, being a 13+ year veteran of the IT industry, I’ve had too many Fedora-wearing, neckbeard-sporting geeks single me out for me “femaleness” (“otherness”) that I simply won’t take it from the strength community now!