Confidence :-(

Not feeling very confident about my lifts at the moment. I haven’t squatted (apart from to the box) for a while and last night’s squats felt awful – the first set of 60kg were short (not below parallel) and felt heavy. That’s not even 80% of my max weight! 

I find it hard to feel confident when I’m so very barely at qualifying level (the qualifying standard for 72kg in the GBPF is 245kg, and my qualifying total in November was…245kg). I almost feel that, despite qualifying, I don’t “deserve” to go to the British because there will be others there who are at a higher level. Which is nonsense, I know, because why would the GBPF set that qualifying level if they didn’t want people who only just reach it to compete? 

I’ve always known I will never win a competition or break any records, and for the most part I’m cool with that. But it’s hard not to compare myself with others! I think that’s a natural thing to do – the trick is to not let it get to you

I think I’m afraid of not totalling 245kg at the SE Open on April 7th. If I don’t then it doesn’t affect my qualifying status, but it will knock my confidence, I just know it. I have little recollection of how I managed to deadlift 115kg in November – my 110kg deficit DLs in the last 2 weeks have felt really h-e-a-v-y! How on earth did I manage it? As for squatting 85kg – eek! 

Oh well. I guess the only thing I can do is keep on keeping on. And if my confidence gets knocked on the 7th then I’ll have to deal with it somehow. 

What are your tips & tricks for restoring or maintaining your confidence?