While I like to think that I’m quite content with my size & weight, there is one thing I still really struggle with, and that’s when people say they are (or were) gross/disgusting/etc at the size I am now. 

I realise that everyone is different and bodies vary, but I find it hard when someone says (for example) that being a size 16 at 5’2” is huge, or that being 159lbs is monstrous (those being my stats). Personally, on the whole I don’t think I’m gross/monstrous/disgusting/lazy etc, but that little voice of doubt still niggles me and says “But if they think they’re disgusting at your size… maybe you are too”.

Rationally, I know that little voice is talking nonsense, but it’s still hard to ignore. 

I think this is particularly hard for me right now, as I’m less than 2 weeks to competition and I need to watch my weight for the time being to make sure I’m not overweight on the day. I loathe restricting what I eat, it makes me thoroughly miserable & leaves me feeling like a traitor to the fat acceptance/size acceptance cause – even if it’s only temporary. 

Have you ever felt like this? How do you deal with it?