Woking South East Classic

Well, not my best competition. In fact, it might have been my worst in the number of red lights I got. 

As my boyfriend said to me, I’m getting to the point now where I’ve been lifting long enough that I can’t expect to pb *every* time; that steep curve you get when you start out has to start levelling off sometime. And he’s right. 

For starters, I weighed in at 70.7kg, which is my second-lightest competition weight (for the 72kg class).

In the squats, I started with 75kg, which felt fine. I went up to 80kg, which also felt fine but… I got red-lighted 2/1 for lack of depth. My coach said it was very very marginal – one of those situations where the referee could have called it either way. OK. I moved on to 85kg (my pb) anyhow, as I’ve got it at least 3 times before and… total bomb. I got down and just couldn’t go anywhere. Gutted.

For the bench, I opened at 45kg, my current pb, and it was easy-peasy. Then 47.5kg, it felt fine, I got it part of the way up then…nothing. I tried it again for the 3rd attempt, and exactly the same thing happened. So frustrating. I’ve been stuck on 45kg for a year now; I can bench 47.5kg in the gym without a stop OK; but I have this huge mental block over doing it in competition. Ugh. 

Then the deadlifts. 110kg was a piece of cake. 115kg (pb) was heavy but again, went up fine. Then 120kg – heavy, but I got it up, and… 2 red lights. My coach had to go ask the referees why, and it turned out I had one knee not entirely straightened. If I’d been in the gym I would have totally given myself that one, but no dice. 

The dumb thing is, last time I competed at Woking I had a 110kg disallowed for not having my shoulders back; so this time I concentrated on my shoulders and didn’t think about my knees (I’ve never had a deadlift disallowed for that before). What a pisser. 

On the bright side, I now know I can get 120kg if I want to; and my grip is really improved – I used to struggle to hold onto anything over 100kg, but not any more. Practise makes perfect. 

So, onwards.