Olympic lifting

Well, I had my first-ever Olympic lifting session last night with Sally Moss at Crossfit Evolving. I know Sally from Bethnal Green WLC, where I train. 

I expected it to be much more technical than powerlifting, but blimey, Olympic lifting is hard! I didn’t do any big weights as we were concentrating on the technique. I’m quite big, heavy & slow, so the dynamism you need for Olympic lifting doesn’t come naturally to me (yet!). Obviously in powerlifting you don’t need to do any of the jumping/balancing you need for Olympic. 

We did various drills – I can’t remember all the names, but we started with snatch drills: high pulls, snatch balance, overhead squats etc. Eventually we moved onto full snatches, which I really waan’t good at. I got the weight (only 19kg) up, but with terrible form! Then we did jerk drills & split jerks. 

Looking forward to doing more next week!