Some chat about body image & being fat. 

(A still from my competition video above.)

Putting this up because while I call myself / identify as fat, I know in reality I’m really more of an inbetweenie. Either way, I think I have a nice bod – a bit blobby round the tummy, but then I don’t eat to lose fat so it’s not as if I’m doing anything about it. 

I am definitely Team Thickthighs and Team BigButt. I’m also Team BigBoobs, which you don’t see lauded about, because big boobs = high body fat, and high body fat is seen as undesirable. I’m sticking with high body fat, though, because my big boobs are a part of my identity. 

I wanted to put this up because I do get frustrated with seeing slim / slender women saying “oh, I’m so fat!!” on Tumblr/Twitter etc. I originally wanted to say “Ugh, no you aren’t!” but I’m reluctant to because 1) I don’t want to pander to attention-seeking (if that’s what it is) and 2) if they want to call themselves fat, why can’t they – I do, and “technically” I’m on the smallest end of plus-size. 

I suppose the difference is that for me, “fat” is a descriptor, like “blue eyed” or “short”; and for people complaining about being fat, the word might have negative connotations (like, lazy / disgusting / unattractive).

In short, I’m not going to tell people off for thinking they’re fat. I do object to people using it as a negative word, shorthand for other words like lazy / greedy / gross / whatever. It’s just a descriptor. Being fat is not a moral failing.