My Twitter (@laurabygaslight if you wanna follow) is full of mostly fitness people, fat/fatshion people and foodies. 

Occasionally one of the fitness people will post something disparaging about fat people. Today it was something along the lines of “I’m not a woman hater, but sometimes you have to stand next to the fat girl to make your day go better”. I won’t quote it verbatim because it doesn’t deserve taking up my time to go find it again in my timeline.

The more I see posts like that, the more I want to post a picture of my (fat) self in a bikini and say hey, guess what, this fit person you follow – and allegedly whose fitness journey you’re interested in – is fat too. Would you say that kind of thing directly to me? 

£5 says probably not. Fatphobia really is borne of self-hatred and cowardice.