Final Olympic lifting lesson! Decided to write down all the drills we did so I might have a chance of remembering them & doing them in my own time at another gym.

All drills 2 sets of 5 reps on each move

  • Floor to knee pull, then overhead squat
  • Pull & bounce, then snatch balance
  • High pull, then snatch from the high hang

Then we had a mini competition, where we warmed up then took 3 attempts at the snatch and clean & jerk (just like a real competition). I managed a 27kg snatch, and a 35kg clean & jerk (not a very pretty clean, but the instructor let me have it!)

So there you go. I think I’ll try to keep it up in my own time, although not as seriously as the power stuff. It’s been really fun to learn, though.

If you fancy learning with the same instructor & are in London, check out Sally Moss’s site.