Yeeeeeeeah! Feeling so good today. I talked to two of this term’s new ladies after we’d all finished training, and they love lifting after only 3 weeks – they both said they can’t wait for each class. Made me feel so good.

Ladies need to LIFT! 🙂

OK, on to the workout:

Bike: 10 mins (while waiting for a platform!)

Good mornings: 20kg bar, 10 reps x 2

Lightened box squat (bar suspended from blue bands: full weight at top, lightened at bottom): 60kg, 5 reps x 2; 70kg, 3 reps; 80kg, 3 reps; 90kg, 3 reps; 100kg, 1 rep; 107.5kg, 1 rep; 115kg, 1 rep (!)

Seated good mornings, camber bar + pair of 26kg chains: 3 reps x 3

Upright row, 12.5kg bar + small red band anchoring it to the floor: 7 reps x 3

Single-arm dumbbell row: 10.5kg, 5 reps; 12.5kg, 5 reps; 15kg, 5 reps; 17.5kg, 5 reps; 20kg, 5 reps

Glute & ham raises: 10 reps x 8

Decline crunch: 10 reps x 3

Pressup: 5 reps x 3

Then dinner:


Spinach, baby leaves, olives, avocado and BACON!