I’ve been trying to find that meme image going round Tumblr, of the “10 commandments of lifting” or something like that. One of them is that you should drop your bar. 

See, one of the things I found hard to wrap my head around* when learning Olympic lifting is that you are allowed to drop the bar. Anyone who’s competed in powerlifting knows that dropping the bar (in a deadlift, since that’s the only droppable move) is a biiiiiig no-no. The bar must be returned to the floor under control. If you’re lucky, the refs will tell you off for dropping the bar; the worst-case scenario is that you’ll be red-lighted. 

So yes, those 10 commandments: sure, you can slam & drop & whatever your bar if you’re snatching or clean & jerking, but if you powerlift and ever want to compete – get out of that habit! 

And while we’re at it – while I’m sure most of us like to cuss & swear when lifting, it’s good to mind your language when you’re competing. Not all refs look fondly upon naughty words on the platform! 

* The other thing was that a bar with two green plates on it = 35kg; when to my mind, that’s 40kg. Ladies’ Olympic bars are only 15kg. That really psyched me out!