So, one thing that happened yesterday which has annoyed me. Not so much at the time, but the more I think about it, the more it peeves me.

Yesterday I ate some doughnuts. We were having some meetings, and it was suggested we get some treats to make the meetings go more smoothly (we’ve all been there!)

I tweeted later about eating 2 custard doughnuts & 4 mini doughnuts. What can I say? I like doughnuts. Doughnuts are tasty (and these were free!)

Later on I tweeted about going to my new gym, and my new gym retweeted it. Cool. 

When I turned up at my new gym, and was doing the typical newbie thing of failing to get through the electronic gate, one of the gym staff came out of the office and asked if I was here to work off those doughnuts. I guess they were the person who retweeted me. Not cool.

People should eat doughnuts if they want to. People should work out if they want to. The two things are not linked. (Except, maybe, doughnuts give me the energy to lift heavy stuff!)

I say a big fat MEH to all those BS attitudes which say men can be big & eat all the food, but us ladies need to be small and dainty. Pfft.

Doughnuts are tasty. The end.