Thin privilege is being taken seriously and being considered to be more honest.

(Mod note: Thin folks, think this is an overstatement? Try being a fat person and talk about how fat people can be fit, or eat the same as a thin person. To contrast, thin people talk about how they eat ‘like fat…

To contrast, thin people talk about how they eat ‘like fat people’ all the time (check out the Twitter tag #fatgirlprobs if you don’t believe me) without batting an ironic lash, and are accepted and often cheered on.”

This, so much this. I follow a lot of fitblr type people, and I see this all the time. Of course, everyone is entitled to eat as they damn well please – fit, fat or anywhere in between – but let’s not pretend this attitude doesn’t happen. 

N.B. I’ve noticed a few people who’ve followed me have posted fatphobic / “fat people eat crap all the time” type posts, and I’m afraid I’ve unfollowed right away. I don’t need to read that stuff – presumably you don’t need to read my posts either. 

This is Thin Privilege: Honestly