i received an anonymous e-mail this morning that said basically all the stupidest stuff someone can say when talking about plus size clothing and fat people. an excerpt (and the main point- the beginning was about how this blog is funny, ‘but…’ and contained a lot of depressing stuff about their…

when people concern troll about fat peoples’ health, why is mental health not a factor? how does making someone feel shitty, embarrassed, and subhuman make them ‘healthier’ or make them want to be ‘healthier’ (and this is accepting the premise that being fat is unhealthy and being thin is healthy, which is a common fallacy and a premise i don’t actually accept)? 


Seriously, fat acceptance and learning to love myself have done FAR MORE for my health than losing weight has done (for the small amount of weight I’ve lost in the last 4 years) or would do.

wtf, plus size clothing manufacturers?: ah, my first concern troll e-mail