OK so, I caught up with the betterthanweakness controversy thingy. I realise that I’m a grandma* in Tumblr terms and therefore my opinion probably won’t matter much; but I’m a web drama veteran** and I wanted to say this:

Internet drama feels like it matters so much while it’s happening. It really does, I remember how it felt (and still feels occasionally). But in the long run? It seriously doesn’t matter. I swear. Take it from an old fart like me. One day you will look back on all this and laugh. 

* OK, maybe I’m not old enough to be your grandma, but I’m definitely old enough to be the mother of some of you. Yikes. 

** If you want “proof” – I used to sit up all night on Usenet flamewars in 1998-2001ish. I’m an IRC veteran, Diaryland, LiveJournal, you name it. And I’ve been a web developer for 13+ years. You can see my LinkedIn if you like!

PS Get off my lawn.