As soon as I stepped through the doors onto the train, this woman let out an audible “tsk” of disgust and rolled her eyes. I get this quite a bit for some reason from thin women who I can only presume find my unapologetic nature instantaneously threatening/infuriating. Their attempts to put me in my place are almost parodies of themselves and generally consist of dramatic eye-rolls, increasingly audible huffs and sighs, and noticeable head-shaking. I sat down directly across from this particular woman as this section of the train is generally more comfortable for me. I pulled out my phone to check my email, but felt her eyes on me. I looked up and challenged her to keep her eyes to herself with a pointed glance and a raised eyebrow. She smirked and looked away. I went back to my phone and felt her eyes on me again. This time rather than looking up, I switched on the camera of my phone and observed her through the lens. She pulled out her makeup and began applying it, all the while looking my body up and down with the look on her face that you see in this photo. She didn’t take her eyes off me for a good five minutes. I snapped this photo after a while, not exactly sure what I intended to do with – more just needing to prove to myself that this kind of thing wasn’t entirely in my mind.  I love how most of the ‘disgust’ happens in the context of public transit in relation to how much ‘room’ I take up, and yet she is spread across two seats without a care in the world.

Well, she looks so content with her own life- I can’t imagine why she’d feel the need to try and shit on anyone else. ((sarcasm))

Skinny people talk so much shit about fat people taking up space yet LOOK HOW MUCH SPACE SHE IS TAKING UP.

Looks like this was taken at Dalston Junction. FUCKING HIPSTERS