“REAL woman, with families and jobs, and a million things going on in their busy lives, and the same number of hours in a day that you have, are making time every single day all over the world to eat right and exercise, and get the dream body that YOU’VE given up hope of ever having! I’ve seen soooo many downright awe inspiring transformations from women just like YOU, who just decided one day to stop making excuses and stop living in bodies they hate.

Placating women into thinking they’re okay living in overweight and unhealthy bodies is sooo not the answer. The thing is they’ll never, ever truly believe it and be happy. For another, they’re only going to continue gaining and they’re not healthy…”

So unless I start exercising and training and dieting I can never truly believe it and I can never be happy?

My accepting my body just as it is instead of hating it, calling it names, wishing it destroyed, wrecking my mental health further is “just an excuse”?

My “dream body” has to be thin and muscular, instead of my “dream body” being one that lets me live my life, *which is what it does now*?

Well excuse the fuck out of me for not being miserable because I’m not thin but you wouldn’t believe me anyway would you? I’m obviously in denial and I want to be thin but it’s too hard and I’m just like every other fat girl, lazy, unmotivated, self loathing. Making excuses.

Fuck this fucking BULLSHIT. Was I better off calling myself a “fucking useless bitch of a cunt” (my actual words to myself) when I was on a weight loss programme but didn’t lose any weight that week? Was I better off treating myself with utter, utter contempt? Was I better off bullying myself? Is that better than being fat?

The worst part is, for most people, yeah I was. Fat and happy, fat and self-loving, is worse than thin and miserable. Because you might be miserable, you might be tired, you might be self-loathing, you might be hungry, you might be tired of keeping yourself on such a short leash, you might be damaging your mental health. But at least you’re not fat, right?

I reject this. I reject it utterly. I’m so angry today, angry because I’m unfortunately reading a book with this same message, that nobody can be fat and happy because it’s an excuse and you’re deluded if you think fat is okay and for some reason I’ve persevered with it because I try to see other viewpoints – but it’s bullshit.

Being happy should never, ever be an act of rebellion. Something that basic – simple human happiness – should not be an act of rebellion. But if you’re fat, then it is. How pathetic is that?

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