Back to work tomorrow. Back to normal food (boo) and my gym routine (yay!) 

I’ve really enjoyed my week off to do DIY. It’d be nice to do a physical job instead of sitting at a desk all day; then again, I’m not sure my poor old body would cope – I feel broken after only a week!


Box squat with camber bar: 25kg, 5 reps x 2

Box squat with camber bar + pair of 13kg chains (all weights excluding chains): 25kg, 2 reps; 35kg, 2 reps; 45kg, 2 reps x 8

Glute & ham raises, 5kg plate: 7 reps x 5

Reverse hyperextensions: 10 reps x 5

Dumbbell floor press: 12.5kg, 5 reps; 15kg, 5 reps x 5

Machine rows (weight each arm): 15kg, 5 reps; 20kg, 5 reps; 20kg, 2 reps x 2; 20kg, 5 reps

I was meant to do more after that, but I was exhausted 😦