So, I was in my secondary (commercial) gym earlier and I saw this on the back of the changing room door. 

The problematic bit for me is that the gain strength / add muscle option isn’t aimed at the “girls” (I presume women!)

There is SO MUCH bullshit in commercial fitness around how women should “tone” (whatever) and men should get huge.

This double standard is a massive bugbear of mine. The weights room is for EVERYONE! Some women want to get strong, some men don’t. Each option is legit. Women don’t need to be told – however subliminally – that the weights room is “not for them”.

I want to email the gym and (gently!) let them know why this is not right, but I’m a bit of a wimp! Plus I don’t know how to word it without coming off as a bit of a troublemaker, you know?

How would you word it? Any tips?