So I went to the GP today about my tingly/numb/burning arm..

…and she reckons I have carpal tunnel. Treatment is surgery or steroids. 

Glucocorticosteroids are banned by the IPF. I have no idea how surgery would affect my lifting. 

So, she’s referring me to a specialist. I was all like “Oh, I have private medical insurance! I can finally use it!”; only I phoned up my insurer, and they have no record of me. I remember filling out the form that my company sent me! Waiting for HR to get back to me about whether or not I’m actually covered.

So, that sucks. 

Still, if not private, then the wait to be seen at Kings College Hospital is currently only 6 weeks, which isn’t so bad.

FFS, I only just got my endometriosis under control, and now this!! FUCKSAKE.