20-06-13 (part I)

This morning I had a taster session with Wendle Lewis at Urban Kings Gym. It was just half an hour but blimey it was tough!

I started with sandbag plan pull throughs, a set of 10 with a 15kg bag. I didn’t do all that well, as my right arm is pretty feeble & I found it really hard to pull the bag through. 

Then I did 2 sets of 10 landmines, with a 20kg bar, then after each set I did a one-arm incline press with the bar, 10 on each arm. 

Followed by: the Prowler! 2 rounds of 2 sets, push the Prowler 20m (loaded with 40kg), sprint back, then pull the Prowler towards me using arm-over-arm pull. Horrific!

Finally, 2 sets of plate pinches to test my grip: managed to hold a 10kg plate for 32 seconds in my left hand, and 20 seconds in my right. Need to work on my grip! 

Tonight I’m off to Bethnal Green for heavy(ish) squats (70% of my 1RM). I predict I’ll be in bits tomorrow!!