20-06-13 (part II)

Guess who’s regretting that session with the Prowler?!

Squats: 20kg, 5 reps x 2; 40kg, 5 reps; 65kg, 5 reps x 3

Deficit deadlifts: 60kg, 2 reps; 80kg, 2 reps; 95kg, 2 reps; 105kg, 1 rep x 2 

This was meant to be 107.5kg, 2 reps x 2 but UGH, I just couldn’t do it. Legs were knackered!

Good mornings: 20kg, 8 reps x 3

Bench press: 20kg, 5 reps; 30kg, 5 reps; 37.5kg, 5 reps x 3

Narrow incline dumbbell bench press: 12.5kg, 3 reps x 5

Inverted fly 5kg; front raise 3kg, superset: 12 reps x 3 each

Spiders: 2 sets of 30s

So sore tonight, I think I’m going to be in bits tomorrow. Think I will give the Friday conditioning class a miss!!