Why would anyone want to lift heavy? This shit is not fun. Yeah, it has it’s moments when you PR or figure out how to do a lift but those times are few and far between. The workouts are brutal and will break you down.

But that’s why lifters are awesome. We know this shit…

My take on it is that it’s not fun; but it’s also really fun! I really enjoy lifting, I love doing it, I love making PRs, I love the camaraderie of my gym & team. But I also hate lifting, it makes me hurt, I ache every day (it doesn’t help that I’m old, yadda yadda!), my knees twinge, my wrists are sore, and sometimes I feel like puking or that I’ll never climb a flight of stairs again.

I hate that it eats into my time – between working full-time (shush you college kids!), going to the gym, keeping my house in a decent state, spending time with my boyfriend, food shopping and (recently) DIYing my new house, I have very little free time. I haven’t seen my non-gym friends for a long time. 

Before a competition, I’m always shitting myself. During a competition, I get really wired and sometimes I get so angry and frustrated that I want to give it all up (especially when I’m bombing). But afterwards, when I put down that final deadlift, I want to do it all over again. 

So, I love it and I hate it. I won’t stop until my knees explode or whatever (which feels perilously close right now). But after I stop, I’ll probably be cursing the damage it’s done to my poor old body. 

: deadliftsandbeer: Why would anyone want to lift heavy? This shit is…