Hitting the wall

I think I hit the wall, physically, today. Yesterday I went straight from the gym to my new house, to do DIY. I helped my boyfriend & a friend put in the bath, and I scraped the ancient vinyl from where it had been glued to the floorboards…


… apparently this is one of the hardest renovation jobs around; coupled with my carpal tunnel in my left hand, it was agony. This morning I got up & did more of it, a bit more plumbing and a fair amount of tidying. 

Then my boyfriend & I drove to my house to load boxes (packed on Friday night) into his van.

So, to recap: work, 100%+ deadlifts & 70% squats on Thursday; work, conditioning class & packing boxes on Friday; speed day & DIY on Saturday; DIY & loading boxes on Sunday. 

After loading the boxes I basically just….stopped. My body stopped responding and I had to have a nap. EVERYTHING hurts. I know I sound like I’m whinging, but to be honest, I feel every minute of my 36 years right now. My back aches from deadlifts, my chest aches from scraping vinyl, my arms ache from carrying, my wrist & hand are super-sore from carpal tunnel. I feel broken.

After my nap I got up & needed to vacuum, do laundry and wash dishes. 

Tomorrow I have to test my squat 1RM (after work). I’m dreading it 😦

Right now I feel like I’m just doing too much (working out at 2 gyms 5 days a week, preparing a house for selling, preparing another derelict house for living in, working full time…) but of course I can’t give up any of it. Nor would I want to!

Ah, you have no idea how jealous I am of you kids lifting while at college! Lifting is my life, too; but my life also involves a FT job and preparing a beautiful old house ready for living in with my wonderful boyfriend (who I don’t currently live with – so excited about living with him).

I. Am. Knackered.