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Looking forward to eating these before training tomorrow 🙂



I went to Yoga at Urban Kings and did ALL THE SIDE PLANKS! So pleased! Both times I’ve been to that class previously I’ve ended up doing the side planks on my knees for the second half of the class; today I did them ALL on my feet!

Our free work canteen is being withdrawn tomorrow (effectively a pay cut, boo) so I’ve been making lunches for work this week in preparation for it. I want to try to avoid giving as much money to Pret as I can (although I do love their Italian Chicken Salad).

Today I had homemade potato salad (new potatoes, mayo, spring onions), a chicken leg and a mini BabyBel cheese. I feel so satisfied right now. Yoga was ace & I had great food #win

I’ve had a few suggestions about tracking macros and eating more protein. I do try to eat a lot of protein (although I’m sure, like everyone, I’m not eating as much as I think). 

However, what my coach said last night when he said I wasn’t eating enough, is that he wants me to eat more sugary carbs. Bananas, rice pudding, Jaffa Cakes etc. 

Nutrition is confusing, yes?

iron-and-physics said: I’m sure you know it, but there is totally no ‘right’ to compete. Besides, you’ll be in M1 soon and winning everrrrything

One half of my brain knows it, the other half isn’t convinced! I have my first session with the sports psych on Friday & hopefully she can talk some sense into me. 

I don’t think I’ll be winning the masters but, assuming I still lift similar weights (and my knees haven’t exploded) I’ll at least be vaguely competitive…

thoughtsandsquats said: Just keep pushing and try to trust your coach. You’ll break through.

I do trust him, 100% 🙂

I feel like such an awful person for being envious of my partner, though. I have a real problem with feeling like I have no “right” to compete, because I’m so mediocre. 

I think being on Tumblr & seeing people making really amazing gains, doesn’t help!! :-/


I feel like crying after the gym today, AGAIN.

I had low box squats again, and I only managed 75kg again. I tried 80kg twice and failed both. I feel so crap. 

The rest of the session wasn’t anything to write home about either. 

And at the end, my coach told me I’ve got to eat more; that I’m coming to the gym without enough energy, and that I’m doing too much outside the gym. 

I feel rotten. My newbie gains are YEARS behind me. My body feels like it’s breaking down. I feel old.

I feel like I can’t be supportive enough of my lifting partner because I’m envious of her. She’s going to be an amazing lifter, she’s on her way up – just as I’m on my way down. 

And eating more, honestly, makes me fret. I don’t count what I eat, but I estimate I eat maybe 3000 kcal a day. I’ve only just got into a good routine with making weight for competitions – what if I eat more and am unable to make weight? I’m already uncompetitive in the 72kg class, I’ll be utterly pathetic in the 84s.

I feel terrible. I love lifting, but right now it doesn’t love me. 




Dear Nipple-Shaven Children of the Weightroom,

Stop wearing Under Armor and similar spandex shirts. You don’t look like a superhero, a professional athlete, or an MMA fighter, despite the “Pro Combat” written on your name brand upper-body briefs.

If you…

Yep. The more people object to fat chicks wearing booty shorts, the more I’m going to wear booty shorts to the gym. 

You’re welcome. 

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