This post was inspired by the lovely Pocket Rocket Fashion’s post on the “right” to be a fashion blogger. See, I read a lot of stuff on Tumblr & elsewhere about whether the less good lifters (like me!) have the “right” to compete, or post their lifts publicly, or even call themselves…

I think most powerlifters would tell a novice to jump in and not worry about the numbers. That’s what I was told, and I had a blast! Hooked!

In any case, it is good to do meets as a novice to work out any mistakes you might make early on! Sure, maybe a guy can squat 500 lbs, but if he jumps the rack command…

Anyways, nice post!

Aawwww, thanks man! 🙂

I agree that 99.9% of lifters are lovely people, especially the ones you meet at meets, in real life. I think the ones whose attitude pisses me off are the lifters who live in their mum’s basement, work out in her garage, and wouldn’t even entertain the idea of competing until they’re Donny Shankle. Or maybe not even then, because it means going out in daylight. 

Oooh, listen to me, all bitchy & stuff! 

Laura Lifts: On the “right” to lift