Went to my secondary gym (Urban Kings) today to satisfy my snatch craving* (* deliberate punnery). Ever since I learned how to snatch I’ve been hooked. 

Today I barely lifted any weight at all, but practised the receiving position for both snatch & clean. Sally Moss (who taught me the Oly lifts) recommends picturing yourself in the receiving position and punching yourself into it. So far, neither the snatch nor clean receiving position feel natural to me, so I’ve been practising getting into them as fast as possible, with either no bar, or just a stick. One day I hope they’ll be as natural to me as squatting is now!

Because I squat very wide (pretty much sumo-style) I’ve found myself punching into a very wide receiving stance, so I’ve been trying to sort that out. Not sure how successful I’ll be, though, as I have pretty low hip mobility, plus squatting that wide is just so natural for me. 

After doing that for a while, I did 2 sets of 5 reps on snatches & cleans, just with a technique bar loaded with 10kg. Then front squats, 30kg, 5 reps x 3; and strict OHP with 20kg, 7 reps x 3.

Nailing technique can be pretty boring, but it’s worth doing. 

And now for a selfie, cos I know you Tumblr kids love those:

Lololololol @ my face