Ah there a lot of meets spread around the country in the UK? I’m thinking of moving home soon and would like to begin participating.

There are quite a few federations in the UK, which will host meets all around the country. I’m in the Greater London division of the GBPF, so I only know about ones in the south east. Here are the feds I know about:

GBPF: http://www.gbpf.org.uk/

BPC: https://www.facebook.com/britishpowerlifting

BPO: http://www.britishpowerliftingorganisation.com/

BDFPA: http://www.bdfpa.co.uk/

GPCGB (can’t find a website for them!)

This isn’t an exhaustive list – I’m sure there are more!

All the federations will have differing rules on whether they’re raw/multi-ply, tested or untested etc.