I had an awesome deadlift set last night.  Came across this little gem when I got home – we need one for the ladies!  It’s good to know that there are folks out there who are more interested in what a body can do rather than what it looks like.  Screw love handles, my hips can deadlift a small horse!  

Also fighting bears on a mountain sounds like a lot more fun than trying to dehydrate oneself into unconsciousness. 

I fucking hate this picture.  Instead of posting a bunch of famous people who are “legitimately strong” and ripped to shit (read: Klokov), here is the blog of my girl Renee Dean aka swolesister, who is getting on stage in just a few days for her first figure comp.  While prepping for this she PR’d the shit out of her lifts, deadlifting 335 lbs and squatting 270 lbs, all while cutting, sitting at less than 140 pounds.  How about form and function?  You don’t have to choose one, folks.  If you are smart and put in the damn work you can do whatever you want.



Additionally, there are those who actually aethetically prefer the “function” body type, for its aesthetic qualities. E.g. I think this lady (who I posted the other day) looks fantastic (I realise I’m probably the only person who thinks so). 

The kind of aesthetic I like doesn’t involve a small waist or the other “accepted” standards. I’ve always looked to men for my personal goals, and to this day I still think Andy Bolton is #1.

And let’s not mention my ideal body type in men, which is long & slender 🙂