One of the things I do not like about lifting is the idea it gives some people that just because you’re strong in the gym, you can take on anyone (physically). I worry that if I ever were to get seriously physically assaulted, people would say to me “Why didn’t you just hit the guy?”

I know, for definite, my mother would say that; and quite frankly I would never be able to talk to her again if she did.  

I have been assaulted, it was pretty damn horrible (although I kind of went into defensive mode afterwards and laughed about it for a long while, most embarrassingly when I was being interviewed by the police). The perp was a 14-year-old boy, and I sometimes catch myself thinking “God, he was only 14, I should have lamped him”. But here’s a thing: many 14-year-old boys are the bodies of men with the minds of children. He was 5’8” ish to my 5’2”, and of course a lot younger & probably stronger (because that’s just how it goes). 

Additionally, I know I could learn all the Krav Maga or BJJ I liked, but at the end of the day, if a man is determined to assault a woman, he’s probably going to manage it. And bystanders are probably going to say things like “Why were you there? What were you wearing? Why were you alone?” etc. 

(FTR, I was wearing office attire, and had had the audacity to open my front door at 8am. I know! What was I thinking!)

So, what I’m saying is: lifting can make you pretty damn strong, but if you EVER judge someone who lifts for not physically standing up for themselves, or subsequently getting hurt, you’re a fucking twit.