13-07-13 – No total

So the competition went really terribly (for me) and I didn’t post a total. I’m not too proud to admit I cried when I found out.

Everything was going OK until the deadlifts. I did my opener, then asked for 120kg. Unfortunately I failed 120kg twice – I still need to figure out why, but I think it was a combo of poor grip, heat (it was around 30C in the gym, no aircon) & fatigue. Then, and only then, did my coach & I realise I’d not been given my opener.

There were no referee lights, the judges had no mic & it was noisy, so we missed the call (they were using hand signals). If I’d known, I would have taken my opener again.

Devastated isn’t the word – I’ve had a cry, I’ve slept on it, all I can do is regroup and start preparing for my next competition.

As my boyfriend said – the more I competed, the more likely this was to happen; and I’ve competed a lot now.

Still, I’m very sad.