Training planning, overtraining etc

After my coach’s little pep-talk on Monday, in which he said I should try doing less, I am planning my training for the next few weeks/moths/etc.

I know many people say overtraining is a lie, but I do feel like I have been doing too much. Maybe overtraining is only a lie if you’re under 35 or something. For the record, I do eat enough (seriously, I’m >155lbs @ 5’2”, you can BET I eat plenty) and I sleep OK. 

Unfortunately I can’t slow down with the physical DIY at my new house – that house has got to be habitable by the end of August, or whenever I complete the sale of my current house (I’m tiling the kitchen this weekend). 

I had planned to try some strongman-esque things at my secondary gym (e.g. tyre flips, prowler) but on coach’s advice I don’t think I’ll do that now. I am loath to give up my Friday lunchtime conditioning session, though! I just won’t tell him…

So, here’s my sorta-plan:

Monday evening: powerlifting at Bethnal Green (usually heavy legs/back)

Tuesday evening: Pilates at Urban Kings*

Wednesday lunchtime: Yoga at Urban Kings*

Thursday evening: powerlifting at Bethnal Green (usually heavy bench)

Friday lunchtime: conditioning at Urban Kings

Saturday lunchtime: speed day at Bethnal Green (light weights, full body)

Sunday: DIY, DIY, DIY

* These ones are subject to change, I guess as & when I feel like them.

could potentially do more at Urban Kings, e.g. they have more conditioning classes I like the look of, plus fun things like beginners’ boxing, but I really need to rest my poor old bod 😦

Talking of being old; I was discussing all this with my boyfriend last night (in the pub!) and he reminded me that on Saturday, I was competing with people up to 13 years younger than me, and also much newer to lifting then me, so of course they’re going to be fresher, be making quicker gains etc. I just gotta hang on until Masters, then I’ll be a baby lifter in my class all over again!