Went to Yoga again today at lunchtime; or, as Urban Kings’ yoga seems to be, 50 minutes of side planks. Aaaargh. 

I still have DOMS from Monday’s squats. Feeling very creaky at the moment. 

Last night’s dinner at Hawksmoor was pretty epic – 850g porterhouse between me & my boyfriend (who has a very bird-like appetite compared to me), 2 portions of triple-cooked chips, buttered greens, bone marrow, peanut butter shortbread with salted caramel ice-cream, salted caramel ‘Rolos’ (with a birthday candle in them), 2 cocktails and a bottle of really excellent Rioja. The steak alone cost £76.50 and was the rarest I’ve ever had. Too damn good. 

I was still ravenously hungry this morning, though.