I had a very grumpy day at work today which carried over to the gym. I got there and really didn’t want to be there. And while usually the gym cheered me up, instead I just stayed grumpy. Meh. 

Bench press lockouts: 20kg – 52.5kg, started with 5s, wound up with singles. 

Disappointed with these, as I’ve done 60kg before but today the 55kg was just not going up. 

Dumbbell bench press: 10.5kg, 5 reps; 12.5kg, 5 reps; 15kg, 10 reps; 15kg, 8 reps

Tricep rollouts: 5kg each hand, 8 reps x 6

Machine rows: 15kg each hand, 8 reps x 6

Front raise + side raise superset, 3kg each hand, 8 reps on each x 4 

Hammer curls (synchronous): 7kg, 8 reps x 3

Decline crunch: 10 reps x 3

Spiders: 30s x 3

And now for some feels.

Ugh, feeling quite down about being average/mediocre. I am very average at my job, and I’m very average at the gym. After 4.5 years of lifting I’m still always bottom of the pile. 

I am very proud that my lifting partner got a divisional record at her first competition, but there’s that little voice which says When will it be my turn?

Sigh. Forever getting the wooden spoon. 

I guess the fact that I keep going despite being mediocre is something…right?