I really really didn’t want to go to conditioning today due to INSANE ARM DOMS, but I did.

I’m supposed to be grouting my kitchen tomorrow – I can see that going well now 😐

After a warm up, we did:

2 rounds of 1 minute each of:

1) sprint with a rubber band around your waist, dragging you back

2) as above, but being the person doing the holding back (is there a proper name for this exercise?)

3) clean & jerk with an empty bar

4) sit-ups

5) Russian twist with 8kg kettlebell

6) squat jumps with 12kg kettlebell

7) step-ups

8) tricep dips

9) star jumps

10) rope slams

Then we did 2 minutes of plank; 30s each side of side plank.

Going to be in a world of pain tomorrow, methinks!