I really don’t like that this competition is making me obsess about my weight, especially since I struggled with it a lot in the past. Buuut I still have more than two weeks until the competition and this morning I was 0.1kg under the boundary so hopefully I can stop worrying and just keep eating as I am now (ALL of the eggs.)

I experience the same thing! I was absolutely cool about my weight when I didn’t exercise & was fatter than I am now. But these days? Argh. Pre-competition I weigh myself obsessively. Luckily I’ve never had disordered eating (I think, although I can be a bit weird with food) so it doesn’t threaten to push me into some kind of bad spiral; but, it’s not fun. 

I totally understand the  idea behind “toss the scale”, but when you compete in weight-delineated sports, that’s just not possible.