Right then.

High box squats (above parallel): 50kg x 3; 60kg x 3; 80kg x 3; 80kg x 3; 90kg x 3; 100kg x 1; 105kg, 2 attempts but failed both. 

When I took the 105kg on my back I felt something unusual – basically, I couldn’t breathe. I’m apparently so weak in the upper back, and have quite a small lung capacity anyhow (I’m only 5’2” and short in the body) that the weight basically crushed my upper body. Ugh. That aim to squat 100kg by the end of the year is looking pretty distant! More upper-back work for me. 

Good mornings: 50kg x 3; 60kg, 3 reps x 3

Bent-over row: 40kg, 5 reps x 3

Glute & ham raises, 5kg plate: 15 reps x 5

Dumbbell side bends: 15kg, 15 reps x 3

Hyperextensions: 10 reps x 3

Wide-leg situps: 15 reps x 3