Sports bras in review

I follow quite a few bra bloggers on Tumblr & Twitter, so I’ve decided to take a leaf out of their books and review two sports bras I bought recently.

I’m a 32FF or G depending on the brand – usually a 32G in Freya but 32FF in everything else. So what I’m looking for in a sports bra is 1) that it’s available in my size (!) and 2) tons of support, naturally.

Here are two bras I ordered recently, both from

Nike Pro Bra, Printed

Now, normally I stay away from any sort of bra that’s not cup-sized. But this one looked so cute that I decided to give it a try. Usually I find crop tops to just be far too short to even cover my boobs, but this one claimed to fit up to an E cup so I thought why not try it. Plus, stripes!


I ordered it in a large. The sizing guide claimed that if you wear a 32 band, you need a small, but I was very dubious. Luckily the L seems about right.

As you can see, this is a prime candidate for That Bra Does Not Fit Her. My breast tissue is peeking out of the armholes; although on the plus side, the band does feel the right size & the top does actually cover my boobs!

Support-wide, it’s about as poor as you’d expect. But this bra is recommended up to an E cup and I’m a full 2-3 cups over that, so it’s to be expected. However, I think I’d be happy wearing this to yoga or pilates; either on its own or over a regular, non-sports bra.

I’m going to keep it because it’s just too cute to send back! And if nothing else, it’ll be great for wearing round the house as a lounge bra. It’s soft & comfy, and easy to get on.

Freya Active Sports Bra, Cosmic Blue

I ordered this in a 32FF. Usually I take a 32G in Freya, but some reviews I’d read said that it comes up small in the cup, so I decided to size down.


Now this is more like it. When I got it out of the box I was a bit freaked out to see it has 4 hooks, and I’ve never had a 4-hook bra before – but it wasn’t a problem to put on. The band, as you can see (!), is suitably firm. It does look like I have breast tissue spilling out of the cups, but that’s just my huge lats underarm/back flab being displaced.

The fit was good overall. One small thing was that the central gore doesn’t sit quite flush to my ribcage, but that might be because I ordered a size down, or it might just be because my boobs are very close together. Either way, it’s not uncomfortable. The straps are padded, which is great, and there’s also a racerback clip.

I’ve worn this twice so far – once to conditioning & once for lifting. Lifting isn’t very taxing on my boobs, but conditioning is; I’m pleased to say that all through the class (including star jumps, battle ropes, sprints, ball slams, sandbag cleans…) I didn’t once even think about my chest. No movement at all!

Plus, the shape of the bra is quite nice – it gives a little cleavage (I hate sports bras that give one “uniboob”) and an uplifted shape from the side. I like it a lot.

This is the first time I’ve reviewed any clothes… Hope you found it useful 🙂