I am super-sore after squats on Saturday. I didn’t really get to rest this weekend, as when I wasn’t lifting I was either packing up my Peckham house, or doing DIY in my East Ham house (this weekend it was sanding & painting). 

I know it’s almost taboo to say it on Tumblr, but I’m not enjoying lifting at the moment. Last time I saw someone expressing this sentiment, there was a bit of a riot; but you know what? It’s not always fun, not for everyone. I will be VERY happy when the British is over & I can stop aching on a daily basis!

Right now my life is work-train-DIY with no respite. I’m off work for 2 weeks next week, but I’ll be spending all that time working on the house & training. I hope I can have a proper holiday in 2014 🙂

I was quite nervous about posting my last entry (the bra reviews) as it’s pretty obvious from the pictures that I have a “before” body (not that I’ve ever made a secret of the fact that I have a high body fat % and am a small plus size). But today I’m glad I did it. You all might get subjected to more pics of me, I’m afraid 😉