2 things I would really like to do:

– Get involved in some kind of program to introduce young men to lifting. I live & train in pretty deprived parts of London where there are lots of “angry young men” who would probably benefit from the camaraderie you get lifting in a squad. So many of the guys at my gym are positive male role models (although one or two of them aren’t, like the guy who always seems to be turning up with a new ankle tag!) & I think young men in the community would benefit from knowing them.

– Get involved with some kind of program to get women into lifting in a body-positive environment. Maybe women-only sessions, if they’re feeling shy about tackling the weight room. I like the idea of encouraging women who think they “can’t” lift (because they’re too skinny or too fat or too old) to just do it.

Well, less than 2 years til I’m mortgage-free & maybe can think about these things in more detail. If I ever get brave enough to leave the sanctuary of IT 🙂