So the first thing I did this session was spend 20+ minutes putting my new knee sleeves on. It got to the point where my coach had to straddle my leg like a blacksmith putting a shoe on a horse. I got them on eventually, but I think I need to get to training 20 minutes earlier next time. And bring baby powder.

Goal today was 4 sets of 5 squats at 80% (70kg; which is slightly more than 80% of my 1RM but slightly less than 80% of my goal 1RM)

Squats: 20kg, 5 reps; 40kg, 5 reps x 2; 60kg, 5 reps; 70kg, 5 reps x 3; 60kg, 5 reps.

Yeah, nope. The third set of 70kg was just awful, and coach told me to drop down to 60kg for the last set.

And then, he told me I’m not going low enough for the British. Apparently in divisional comps, you can get away with the middle of your knee above the crease of your hip, but in national comps, it has to be the top of your knee above the crease of your hip.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck.


Deadlifts: 60kg, 3 reps x 2; 70kg + heavy black bands, 6 fast singles

Bench press: 25kg + double red bands, 3 reps x 4; narrow grip: 22.5kg + double red bands, 3 reps x 4

Seated dumbbell shoulder press: 10.5kg, 5 reps x 2; 3 reps x 2

Dumbbell side bends: 17.5kg, 10 reps x 2

Reverse hyperextensions: 12 reps x 2

7 weeks until the British. Bodyweight this morning was 72.2kg.