When did you first start working out?

Then when did you start going into your discipline? (say powerlifting, OLY, yoga, etc).

When did you start competing? (meets, marathons, etc)

What were your stats starting out?

What’s your current PRs in your discipline?

Mine, I started working out Nov…

April ‘09, when I was 32. 

I never worked out before – I hated sports at school, and never understood why anyone would do sport for fun. Hence I started from a place of no fitness or strength at all.

I did my first competition on 31st October 2010: South East Deadlift at Woking power. I did a 105kg (231lbs) deadlift. My first 3-lift competition was the following April.

I think at my first lesson, I squatted the bar (20kg/45lbs), benched the bar (ibid.) and deadlifted 40kg. I was stoked!!

My current competition bests are 85kg (187lbs) squat, 47.5kg (105lbs) bench (with a stop – I can probably do more without a stop) and 115kg (253.5lbs) deadlift. I have deadlifted 120kg (264.5lbs) in the gym though, but I only count competition pbs! 

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