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12 days to go! Yes, I am counting.

Squats: worked up to 72.5kg x 3; 75kg x 2; 80kg for 3 singles. Nailed all 3 perfectly – all to depth, no leaning forward, decent speed. Pleased!

Bench: worked up to 40kg x 3; 42.5kg x 2; 45kg for 3 singles with a stop. Again, really pleased with my form.

Coach told me that he’s really seen an improvement in my lifts, and that he tells others about how tenacious and hardworking I am. Sniff. He’s so nice to me (for a change ;-))

Then I did some accessory stuff: dumbbell bench with palms facing, good mornings, Dimels, glute & ham raises, pullthroughs etc.

And then I came home & ate a homemade nectarine turnover for dinner. I think that should be the last time I eat pastry until the British!!


angela-the-geek answered: Have you seen a phyiscal therapist about it? It could be your SI joint.

Not yet… that involves being organised & finding someone & taking time off work etc 😉

I will probably see someone about it / get some massage after the British. I don’t want to risk anything that might stop me competing!

eyesarebleeding said: It could be inflammation. I get it too. In fact i have far more soreness on one side than the other. Stretching does nothing because i am already quite flexible. Go pay for a horrible series of massages.

I am DEFINITELY getting a whole heap of massages after the 12th October… I was going to get a massage before, but a good sports massage always leaves me unable to walk properly for a few days, and I don’t need that right before the British! 🙂

mightymaus said: I meant to say that maybe stretching/mob work may make it worse for whatever reason. Might be an idea to lay off mob work for a little while?

Ah OK, now I get you. Yeah, good idea. I squat really wide so hip mobility is a big deal for me, but maybe stretching on top of squatting is making it worse 😦

Ugh, I just need my body to hold together for 4 more years so I can compete in masters. Then it can fall apart if it likes. 

mightymaus answered: Could it be something that is unrelated to hip flexibility/mobility that is causing the pain?


Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about, i.e. osteoarthritis. Argh. 

Hip pain

Does anyone else get hip pain on one side only? 

I do all my hip stretches regularly, both at the gym & in yoga class, but my left hip has been troublesome for a while. It’s now at the point where it’s almost painful to get out of a chair. 

My mum has osteoarthritis and had to have a hip replacement, so naturally I’m scaring myself! 

I already do the butterfly stretch, hip flexor stretch & pigeon pose as part of my routine – any other good ones?


So in addition to getting my squad hoodie (squee!) I did everything at the gym today…

Bench: worked up to 40kg 5 x 2; then 45kg x 2; 47.5kg x 1; 2 attempts at 50kg (needed a little tough from my coach to get them off my chest); 42.5kg x 5

JM press: 35kg, 10 x 3

Seated dumbbell shoulder press: 10kg, 7 x 3

Squats: worked up to 70kg, 3 reps x 2; 75kg, 3 reps

Deadlifts: 60kg, 5 reps; 75kg, 4 reps then 3 fast singles

Dimels: 40kg, 20 reps x 2 (used double overhand grip for the first time, it was ok)

Then glute & ham raises, pullthroughs and cable crunches

BW this morning was 73kg on the nose.