Problematic Fitness Trend: Encouraging women to lift weights by talking about how many calories it burns.

You’re not being revolutionary or upsetting the status-quo, and you’re certainly not empowering women. You’re feeding into the exact same ideal that the weight loss industry does: Women should only exercise in order to lose weight and become thin.

Talking about how lifting weights won’t make women “bulky” is just another way of saying that women shouldn’t be bulky. We shouldn’t take up space, build muscle, get strong or have any goals outside of being thin. You’re saying that this concept of “bulky” and being large is something that we should be worried about, frightened of and turned off by. Because, oh em gee, what woman in her right mind would actually want to get bigger or build muscle?

So let’s move away from this sort of conversation. Stop framing women’s strength training in terms of weight loss, becoming “lean” and not being masculine. These memes are thinspo. Not only are they made to encourage women to lose weight and become thin, but they frame weight loss as women’s inherent goal in exercising.

This is not a way to promote fitness and healthy thinking.  

Yes yes yes to the “bulky” thing. There is nothing wrong with being bulky. The end.