Since my boyfriend has been away (12 days so far, another 10 to go) I haven’t been doing much on the weekends (no DIY!) so I spent all of yesterday food shopping & prepping. I woke up this morning quite excited that I get to eat all the food I’ve prepped!

I always feel a bit dispirited when I read “healthy living” bloggers’ food prep posts, as they all seem to be “4oz of chicken, 4oz of broccoli” etc (and, honestly, to an outsider like me it all looks a bit problematic). I, on the other hand, have prepped:

– 3 portions of garlic chicken thighs (made with Maggi So Juicy – this stuff is AMAZING) & spinach pilau rice

– a large tupperware of chorizo & beef bolognese, which I’ll make into a pasta bake later in the week (with wholemeal pasta)

– a block of pastry, which will be rolled into a goat’s cheese, tomato & pesto tart later in the week

– a tupperware each of blueberries, figs & nectarines (for breakfasts & snacks)

– half a dozen hard-boiled eggs (for snacks at work)

I read this excellent interview with Alan Aragon at the weekend, with his critiques on Paleo. He said something which I think is very important:

If you include taste enjoyment as an indirect benefit to health, then I’d say yes, that applies to all of those foods. Anyone who can tolerate a given food, and truly enjoys the food, should not force the avoidance of it

I really agree with this. I can tolerate wheat & dairy, so why not eat it? Sure, after a big pasta lunch I will have a bloated tummy, and maybe to some people that constitutes intolerance; but to me it just means that my tummy is full & I’m a bit bloated. I’m not “ill”. Once all that pasta has been digested, my tummy’s going to go back to normal. 

The taste thing is crucial, too. If I don’t enjoy my food, I’m just not going to eat it. I just don’t get on with protein pancakes and vegetable “pasta”, I’m afraid; and since I can tolerate wheat then I might as well keep eating them. 

Of course, you can all throw this back in my face if I come in overweight on October 12th & can’t compete 😉 (I was 71.9kg this morning, only 100g under!)