I went to yoga yesterday (actually, the class is called yoga-lates, I know, I know) and did allllll the side planks again. You know, I really think that doing this class is a big factor in my improvements* in bench & squat. I just feel so much more in control of my core now, and less like I’m going to lean forward and collapse when I’m doing a heavy squat (a.k.a. doing a “squat morning”).

I am utterly rubbish at the balance exercises we do in the class, though. I haven’t managed to get into a headstand yet, and we won’t mention my attempts at crow or side crow. I can do a shoulder stand all day long though. 

I told the instructor at the end of the class how much more confident I feel, and thanked her for helping me, but she said that I was the one doing all the work. Which I guess I am 😉

As an aside, I noticed in the mirror at my post gym that my back is looking RIDIC muscly now, although I still have love handles (and probably always will!). I never normally look at my back. Wish I could get a decent pic of it, but that’ll only happen if someone else takes it (and I’m too shy to ask!)

* “Improvements” being, increasing my squat 1RM by 5kg in a year; and feeling more confident in both my squat & bench. I’m afraid I’m not in GAINZ mode any more. It happens.