If you don’t willingly take time to take care of your health you will be forced one day to find time to take care of your illnesses.

But everyone gets ill at some point in their lives. Even the healthiest person is going to end up hospitalized, through either their body failing at old age, through a genetic predisposition towards a specific disease, or simply through the natural course of bacterial and viral infection. You can’t avoid illness, no matter how well you care for yourself.

Memes like this are just a way of blaming people for their illnesses and disabilities. You’re practically saying that people who don’t follow your approved fitness regime are the ones who deserve to get sick. If they had only worked harder and paid more attention to their bodies, they wouldn’t be ill. But that simply isn’t true in most cases. No one deserves illness.

Everyone gets sick. Everyone has to deal with illness. Everyone’s body will fail them at some point. 

If you’re trying to say that living in a “healthy” manner will likely help you fall ill less often, then how about you actually say that? Don’t blame sick people for their ill health. Because as it is, this meme is the definition of ableism.