12 days to go! Yes, I am counting.

Squats: worked up to 72.5kg x 3; 75kg x 2; 80kg for 3 singles. Nailed all 3 perfectly – all to depth, no leaning forward, decent speed. Pleased!

Bench: worked up to 40kg x 3; 42.5kg x 2; 45kg for 3 singles with a stop. Again, really pleased with my form.

Coach told me that he’s really seen an improvement in my lifts, and that he tells others about how tenacious and hardworking I am. Sniff. He’s so nice to me (for a change ;-))

Then I did some accessory stuff: dumbbell bench with palms facing, good mornings, Dimels, glute & ham raises, pullthroughs etc.

And then I came home & ate a homemade nectarine turnover for dinner. I think that should be the last time I eat pastry until the British!!